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Event Date:
15th April 2015 8:30


Kindly hosted by Thomson Reuters

Using big data and analytics to solve problems and make better decisions requires new behaviours across all the business functions in an organization.

With social media helping to generate many new sources of data, people may need to share and collaborate more; functions may need to set up different or complementary business processes; managers and executives may need to make sure incentives are realigned around using analytics to promote innovation and growth.

Marketing, sales, consumer research, operations and the supply chain all have access to more sources of data. How should you best manage, test and evaluate it? How could masterful number crunching help your company? When should you run with the numbers and when run with your gut?

In this SMLF meet up, we will be exploring how companies are creating an analytical culture to drive competitive advantage and a real impact to the bottom line.

Why attend?
This will be an opportunity to learn how other leading organisations are leveraging data insights across their organisation and the results they are gaining.

Who should attend?
Attendees should include: digital directors; digital marketeers, directors of analytics; data analysts; social media managers


When: Wednesday 15th April 2015
Start time: 08:30 – 11:30
Where: The Thomson Reuters Building, South Colonnade; Canary Wharf, London; E14 5EP


Event Date:
27th April 2015 8:45

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Justin Hunt the SMLF Founder will be getting involved with PRWeeks PR360 this year. PR360 is set to be the biggest annual gathering of PR and comms professionals. Whether your focus is on social and digital, reputation, corporate or internal communications – there is plenty for you at PR360! Join us at some or all of the PR360 events to take your PR skills and strategy to the next level, interact with your peers from all over the world, and celebrate PR evolution across borders.

27-30 April 2015

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*SMLF Recommended event not included in the SMLF Membership.


Event Date:
27th May 2015 8:30


Kindly hosted by HSBC

Social Media demands the attention of all of us. As individuals it can be challenging finding time for Twitter and LinkedIn.

How best can we set individual goals for what we expect to accomplish with the time we invest in social media?

And what do we give up to do more social media? What do you cut out?

What can you learn from social media? What are the best ways to gather news or support your professional learning and development?

How can you meet through social media? What is the best balance between online connections and face to face meetings?

Who can you reach through social media? Blogs, Slideshare, YouTube video provide an extensive array of opportunities for sharing your ideas and building your reputation. But are you better off speaking to a room of 25 people, or writing a blog post that will be read by 250?

How can you refresh and relax with social media?
What’s more relaxing: watching TV or catching up on Facebook news? What’s more fun: going to a bar, or scrolling through and commenting on Twitter? What’s more restorative: reading a blog post or reading a novel?

Who should attend?
This will be a valuable opportunity for you to take stock of how you are using social media and evaluate how best you can use your time on social media by exchanging insights and ideas with your peers from different industries and independent specialists.

The Social Media Leadership Forum is designed to help you understand the achievements and challenges of other large scale organisations.

You can gain a clear picture of what you are doing well and where you can look at doing things differently.

The Social Media Leadership Forum presents opportunities to network with peers from outside of your industry and learn and exchange best practice.

Who should attend?
Attendees should include: Digital and Social Teams and Social Ambassadors


When: Wednesday 27th May 2015
Start time: 08:30 – 11:30
Where: HSBC, Level 32, 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HQ, United Kingdom

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